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Automatic Stimulaition of sows

Stimulus will save you a lot of man hours with automatic stimulation your sows of sows. The stimulation is done in two stages – in 2 programs. The first program which is started when Stimulus is turned on will stimulate the sow roughly with some heavy pressures on the back and in the loin area.

The insemination may be carriedout by just one employee – and thus save valuable time other places in the production. The moves that Stimulus performs to press and stimulate the sow is made by air pressure and an air pressure pump is mounted on the top of Stimulus. Built-in electronic controls the air pressure in the pump. The electronic is powered by a built-in rechargeable
battery which is recharged by a 220V charger that comes along. This can be plugged into Stimulus on the side of the top. The air pressure is added via a spiral rope which is mounted on the top of Stimulus.